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ARTSHO is not associated with any variation of this name

Display a banner on most pages of the Artsho site
Presented by the Artsho Corp.

The banner ad spots for or are:

Location on  Quantity  ~Spot size   Rates per month
 the page    of spots  (in pixels)  By mo.  By qtr.
-----------  --------  -----------  ------  -------
   Tops         64      728 x  90   $ 365   $ 329
  Bottoms       68      728 x  90     340     307

NOTE: The $ 24 upload fee has been waived.

Change to a different ad during the month   $  26

Your banner ad will not be "rotated" with any other;
it will be fixed, in place, in the designated spots,
during an available and paid calendar period.

Need a banner ad first? Get yours from:

Contact us in advance of placing an order to assure
that the desired: site, month(s) and spots (either
at the page tops, bottoms or both) are available.

Using the applicable form found lower on this page,
it is possible to order an available banner ad spot
within this plan on one of the two Artsho addresses.

Then, to place an order, also include the following:
a. select the number of calendar months to reserve
b. the first desired calendar month to display ad
c. the name of the web site to display the ad
d. URL from which we are to download banner
e. ad's associated text for the Alt tag
f. the URL to which the ad is to link.

 For the Top banner ad spots on 64 pages   Spots   Ad size   Price per month  Maximum of
728 x 90  1 - 2 mos. at $ 365 ea.        3 mos. at $ 329 ea.   Month(s)   Month #1   Display on   Ad is at      Alt tag      Link to    

 For the Bottom banner ad spots on 68 pages   Spots   Ad size   Price per month  Maximum of
728 x 90  1 - 2 mos. at $ 340 ea.        3 mos. at $ 307 ea.   Month(s)   Month #1   Display on   Ad is at      Alt tag      Link to    

For your verification and assurance, we will email a notice upon insertion of the banner, tag & link.

Copyright © 2000 - 2016 Artsho Corp.: All rights reserved.
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