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ARTSHO is not associated with any variation of this name

Presented by the Artsho Corp.

"Ping" is the label derived from: Pocket Internet Gopher.
It is used to verify the connectivity of a given internet
system, commonly an address. The name is based upon naval
use in conducting sonar searches for locating submarines.

Ping works by sending a short burst of data (in the form
of one data packet at a time) and then displays the time
results to receive each response - if the packet was not
dropped. A data packet is sent and then a response sought
for a brief report of the the round trip turnarounds with
one line of report data for each of the replies received.
The times will depend on a number of factors, which will
include, among other items, network load, distances, etc.

Our order form allows you to select from sending 10, 20,
30, 40 or 50 packets to a specific and available address.

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